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What Great Wines Hope To Be!

Online Store
Classic Wine Vinegar produces a retail line of quality wine vinegars you can purchase through our online store. Classic Brands are also available in our Gift Shop and in our Online Store.
Visit Us and Take A Taste Tour!
We love guests. If you are traveling down Highway 99 through Ceres, CA we would love to have you as a guest. We are conveniently located off of the highway and can support bus access. Call us to let us know you are stopping by.
The Traditional "Orleans" Process
The Orleans process came out of a desire for quality wine vinegar. Because of the care required wine vinegar produced using the Orleans process is the highest quality and best tasting product available on the market.
The CWV Story
We are a family-owned wine vinegar producer founded on quality. Classic Wine Vinegar produces quality wine vinegars for our own brands and custom label brands all over the world.
Bottling & Packing
Our co-packing services are tailored to fit your needs. Your brand image is our focus. We also offer packaging consultation, storage, distribution and logistics.

Featuring: Sparrow Lane

All natural, made from the finest wines in the region and the exceptional fruits of California. Find out how Chef Jesse Layman brings to life these flavors that keep you coming back for more.

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